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 BEK Teachers Book
The Teacher's Book gives enough background to help non specialists deliver successful activities at KS 1, 2 and 3. ..
 Grammar and Punctuation Complete Pack
This pack contains one copy of each book from the Grammar and Punctuation strand of the series, spanning Years 1 to 6 (five books in total). Each book also includes an interactive CD-ROM. A complete resource to teach children key grammar and punctuation skills. The only resource you need to teach grammar and punctuation – a huge range of activities and posters. Have confidence in your teaching with detailed background knowledge and teachers’ notes. A writing section in each chapter helps turn theory into practice. Includes further activit..
 Handwriting Complete Pack
  Teach handwriting skills that children can be proud of with these new additions to the bestselling Scholastic Literacy Skills series. Covering the whole primary age range from Reception to Year 6, these exciting resource books provide a comprehensive, practical toolkit to help you teach fluent and legible handwriting, while also polishing spelling and overall literacy. Each book is packed with effective teaching strategies including expert background knowledge, practical lesson ideas and extensive left-handed support. Patterning, letter formation, joins and ways to deve..
 Problems Solving Numeracy Books - School Pack
7 activity books full of photocopiable worksheets that focus on the 'problem solving' strand of the numeracy framework. Tailored to the requirements of each year group. 64 pages per book. ..
 Unit 4D Alarms
  Children love experimenting with electrical components and the use of buzzers or lights in a simple alarm circuit. This will enhance their understanding of different switches and how they work. Contents: 60 AA batteries, 30 AA battery holders, TTS switch pack, 50 3.5v bulbs, Roll of masking tape, 15 panel buzzers, 72 clothes pegs, 50 battery snaps, 30 bulb holders, DATA Helpsheet notes. ..
10 Ladybird Tales
Books which have delighted children for over 45 years, bringing the magic of traditional stories to each generation. Perfect for sharing, these updated versions of classic Ladybird fairy tales allow today’s budding readers to experience their timeless joys. Each book is based on the original Ladybird retelling by Vera Southgate, accompanied by beautiful new illustrations of the kind children like best, full of richness and detail. A lovely centrepiece for any family bookshelf, these childhood essentials introduce young readers to stories they will remember and cherish through their lives. ..
10 Pack Multiplication Keyrings
These keyrings are a brilliant aid. Give each child a keyring and let them learn up to their 12 times tables.Pk 10 ..
100 Literacy Assessment Lessons - Years 1 to 6
All the tools you need to help get ready for Assessing Pupils Progress – and linked to the Renewed Literacy Framework! National Curriculum-style tests to assess individual pupils’ levels. Build a detailed profile of children’s abilities through day to day, periodic and transitional assessment activities for individuals, groups or the whole class. All the tools you need to obtain evidence for the levels that children are working at. Worksheets differentiated by level to meet children’s learning needs. Get children involved, with self-assessment tools that form..
100 Maths Assessment Lessons - Years 1 to 6 Complete Set
Everything you need to assess your pupils' progress through KS1 and KS2: Build a detailed profile of children's' abilities through day to day, periodic and transitional, SATs-style assessment activities for individuals, groups or the whole class. All the tools you need to obtain high-quality evidence of pupils' strengths and weaknesses. Covers the blocks and units of the Renewed Framework Get children involved, with self-assessment tools that form a record of achievement Easy ways to integrate assessment into your planning CD-Rom includes editable as..
100 Mental Maths Activities - School Pack Years 1 to 5
Get your maths lessons off to a flying start. Bank of carefully graded 10-minute starter activities Re-visit skills and develop your childrens' recall of number facts and strategies Photocopiable resource sheets to support the activities Oral and mental maths tests matched to the levelled assesment outcomes which make up the APP Guidelines. Curriculum grid, map the activities to the Maths Framework and link them to 100 Maths Framework Lessons. ..
100 New Maths Framework Lessons Years 1-6
Best-selling resources to support you with the Renewed Maths Framework with interactive activities on CD-ROM for your interactive whiteboard. Provides you with all the planning and lesson ideas to teach the Renewed Maths Framework. Ongoing assessment ideas and activities to keep your children on track and monitor progression. Extend and support more and less confident pupils with ideas for further work. Supports maths teaching and learning with a set of unique interactive whiteboard tools including interactive number grids, graphing tools and clocks. The CD-R..