Our curriculum resources provides for pupils at all stages of schooling........ Early years, nursery, primary, secondary, post 16 education plus.

Our collection of materials is suitable for use with children and young people, in a school context. It includes books, teaching packs, wall charts, CDs, DVDs, games etc. There are materials suitable for all levels up to A Levels and post-16 education. Main school curriculum subjects are covered

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 ABC flash cards
This Early Learning bumper flashcard pack is perfect for familiarising young children with the alphabet. The first 26 double-sided cards help to teach both the big and little letter shapes, while the next 26 cards introduce the phonic letter sounds - 'a' as in apple and 'b' as in bird. ..
 KS3 English Shakespeare Text Guide - Romeo and Juliet x 3
This book contains everything that year 7-9 students need to know about William Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet", all presented in a helpful and entertaining way to make study easier. There are clear notes on the plot, characters, and language, plus practice questions to make sure you understand the main points. There's also a section of exam advice to help you improve your grades. ..
 Plant and Animal Cell Model Activity Set
Students can explore plant and animal cell structure with these 20 cm diameter cell models in the plant and animal cell model activity set. Teacher’s notebook of the plant and animal cell model activity set includes: background information, basic understandings, black line master, two full-color overhead transparencies, key structure and a glossary. Plant and animal cell model activity set description in English. Suitable for Key Stages 2, 3, 4 & A Level (ages 7 to 18) ..
 Plastic Dropper Bottle Tray x 2
    Plastic tray with divider for dropper bottle storage. Holds 10 x 30ml dropper bottles. Removable divider. Size: 208 x 85 x 35mm ..
10 Binoculars
  10 sturdy binoculars which have a 6x magnification and 3.5cm lenses. Made from durable plastic, the binoculars are robust and durable and have a breakaway strap. Ideal for outdoor observation and investigations.  Ideal for taking Science beyond the classroom and for sight-seeing exploration  Colours may vary. Suitable for ages 3 +   ..
10 Teaching Clocks
The colourful Quantum 2151 teaching dials are intended for classroom use by pupils in conjunction with the Quantum 2150 above. • Pack of 10 ..
10 TI-106 Calculators
  Calculator information: • Solar powered • Hand-held • 8 digit LCD display  • Hard, tamper resistant keys consisting of automatic percentage key, memory, floating decimal point  • Complete with wallet and manual • Size: 120mm x 70mm Classpack information: • Contains 10 x TI-106 calculators • Stored in a sturdy stackable carry case and lid  TI-106 calculator has been developed for use in primary schools ..
100 - 6 Inch Test Tubes With Tops & Tray
  Pack of 100 test tubes with White tops and tray. Crystal clear polystyrene tubes. Reusable and machine washable. 150mm (6 Inch) in length with 16mm diameter (Ø). Suitable for liquids. ..
100 3ml pipettes
Pipettes with a 3ml capacity. ..
100 Maths Assessment Lessons - Years 1 to 6 Complete Set
Everything you need to assess your pupils' progress through KS1 and KS2: Build a detailed profile of children's' abilities through day to day, periodic and transitional, SATs-style assessment activities for individuals, groups or the whole class. All the tools you need to obtain high-quality evidence of pupils' strengths and weaknesses. Covers the blocks and units of the Renewed Framework Get children involved, with self-assessment tools that form a record of achievement Easy ways to integrate assessment into your planning CD-Rom includes editable as..
100 Mental Maths Activities - School Pack Years 1 to 5
Get your maths lessons off to a flying start. Bank of carefully graded 10-minute starter activities Re-visit skills and develop your childrens' recall of number facts and strategies Photocopiable resource sheets to support the activities Oral and mental maths tests matched to the levelled assesment outcomes which make up the APP Guidelines. Curriculum grid, map the activities to the Maths Framework and link them to 100 Maths Framework Lessons. ..
100 New Maths Framework Lessons Years 1-6
Best-selling resources to support you with the Renewed Maths Framework with interactive activities on CD-ROM for your interactive whiteboard. Provides you with all the planning and lesson ideas to teach the Renewed Maths Framework. Ongoing assessment ideas and activities to keep your children on track and monitor progression. Extend and support more and less confident pupils with ideas for further work. Supports maths teaching and learning with a set of unique interactive whiteboard tools including interactive number grids, graphing tools and clocks. The CD-R..