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 300 Broad Tip Colouring Pens
Broad tip pens are ideal when creating large areas of colour . The added benefit of a conical nib on the broad tip pen also enables young artists to experiment with drawing finer lines and mark making. Features include: 6 DAY cap-off time to prevent ink drying out and washable, waterbased ink. 300 packs supplied in 12 right assorted colours in a handy classroom display box. ..
 42 Broad Berol Colour Tub
Ideal for young artists these long lasting fibre tipped pens are supplied in 12 vibrant colours. Designed with a broad nib they are particularly suitable for colouring large areas, large drawing, writing and mark making activities. Have fun and experiment with the ink by washing over with a damp brush to create different blends of colour and wash effects...brilliant for Under the Sea, Seaside, Sky and Landscape pictures! If the caps are accidentally left of don't panic as the tips have been designed not dry out for 14 days. Washable ink. Line width 1.7mm ..
 Linkages and Levers Class Kit
This 20 model kit is an ideal introduction to these fundamental mechanisms for the whole class. Snapping jaws, spooky ghosts and waving flags and many more models show linkages and levers in action in an entertaining and memorable way. ..
 Tech Machines Set
An ideal introduction to science and technology, the set includes four screwdrivers and integrated screws, as well as lots of versatile elements such as reels, hooks and scoops. Tech Machines is designed to develop fine motor skills and for exploring machines and engineering skills. The two inbox activity starter cards and teacher booklet that are included help to show how the set can also be used for exploring idea communication and listening skills, and for discussing social roles and responsibilities. Key Learning Values • Exploring technology and design through emerging engineerin..
 Unit 4D Alarms
  Children love experimenting with electrical components and the use of buzzers or lights in a simple alarm circuit. This will enhance their understanding of different switches and how they work. Contents: 60 AA batteries, 30 AA battery holders, TTS switch pack, 50 3.5v bulbs, Roll of masking tape, 15 panel buzzers, 72 clothes pegs, 50 battery snaps, 30 bulb holders, DATA Helpsheet notes. ..
10 Junior Hacksaws
With strong, pistol-grip-type plastic handle. Junior Hacksaws are ideal for cutting wood which has a small cross section, such as 8 mm and 10 mm pine.  Hold the hacksaw with the index finger pointing in the direction you are cutting, this will help you to keep your hand steady and stop the blade sticking in the groove of the wood.  This sometimes happens due to twisting movements. Always ensure children secure the wood before cutting using a Bench Hook  or Wilson Block .   ..
100 Low Melt Glue Gun Sticks
These are elliptical to prevent any confusion with other types of glue sticks. The sticks are 250mm long ..
144 Glue Sticks -  40g
High quality glue sticks suitable for use with paper and card, making them ideal for classroom purposes. Non-toxic and solvent-free, they glide over paper smoothly and leave an even layer of glue. Class pack size! ..
2 G-Clamps
75mm between the jaws to clamp bench hooks to tables for added stability, or to hold work steady. Also useful on other projects for temporary clamping whilst glue dries. ..
200 -  25mm Cardboard Wheels
25mm diameter - 5mm Centre Hole Suitable for use with 5mm diameter Paper Sticks ..
200 -  40 mm Cardboard Wheels
40mm diameter - 5mm Centre Hole Suitable for use with 5mm diameter Paper Sticks ..
200 Thick Card Cams
Bumper size pack of economy cams to use to make moving toys. Three types of cam in pack - double rise, single rise and snail. 2mm thick. Pack of 200. ..