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6 World Desk Mats
A quick and easy resource providing pupils with an outline of the world. The laminated surface enables pupils to mark on information and then wipe it off. Set of 6. ..
7 Continents charts
7 Colourful card charts, ideal for brightening up display walls. The reverse has 3 black and white photocopiable activity sheets featuring a blank version of the map, learning activities and a puzzle. Each poster measures 56 cm x 43 cm. ..
Ceiling Magnets
Turn your ceiling into a creative display area using our innovative magnets. Designed to clamp to metal strips in suspended ceilings, the set includes: 20 x 6 mm closed loop magnets and 10 x 30 cm hooks. Use magnets and hooks in different configurations depending on you display requirements ie. singly to create one drop or use 2 magnets and one hook to create a 'bar'. Dot the 'bars' around the ceiling and string together making a large area to hang exciting displays. Maximum load per pair of magnets is 1 kg. ..
Collins First Atlas
The perfect introductory atlas for children aged 4-7. Produced in consultation with teachers, the First Atlas helps children to understand concepts such as scale and distance, while introducing maps with geographical features for the first time. Local to Global - the atlas takes children on a journey from a local school through maps of the UK and Europe, to maps of the world, ensuring the atlas supports a wide range of activities • Atlas Speak - simple, colourful maps with clear labelling gently introduces children to geographical vocabulary • Global Views - globes are compare..
Collins Junior World Atlas x 6
This atlas has topographical based mapping, helping the young geographer understand the processes taking place during the formation of the earth's landscapes.  The atlas has been designed specifically as an introductory reference atlas for 9-11 year olds studying geography at KS2. Supported with photographs and data files, with detailed map keys and scale information on each map. ..
Collins Primary World Atlas x 6
A curriculum-supportive Primary World Atlas for children aged 7-11 years (Key Stage 2). Designed for use in the classroom or at home, this revised edition includes informative politically coloured reference mapping of all major world regions.   About this resource • This primary world atlas provides an introduction to mapping of the UK, Europe and all major regions of the world. It includes information on map reading skills, the meaning of scale and measuring distances. • The reference maps are informative, politically coloured, and easy to read with nation..
Globes Class Pack
Involve the whole class in globe activities. Ideal for group work, this pack of durable globes are ideal for KS1. Includes 4 x 23cm diameter and 1 x 31cm diameter globes. The globes are made from a hard wearing, durable vinyl, this, coupled with the removable base makes them perfect for passing around the class and letting the children get more involved.  Children find handling items much more interesting than just looking at them, which is why these globes are ideal. Globes are a great way to teach children about the placement of every country in the world. By first exploring ..
Igneous Rocks Samples
A collection of 12 igneous rock samples in a handy storage tray. Scoria, pumice, granite, basalt and pegmatite are amongst the samples. Information guide and identification chart are also included. ..
Magnetic World Map
A3 sized magnetic outline of the world with over 50 accompanying brightly illustrated pieces including, oceans and seas, famous landmarks, countries and their national flags and continents. An excellent tool for teaching about geographical features. ..
Map of the World
A colourful laminated class resource for learning about the world. • Shows political map • Depicts the countries national flags around the edge • Size: 770mm x 530mm ..
Oxford First Atlas x 3
The Oxford First Atlas is an accessible and informative atlas for young learners in their first years at school. It is completely up-to-date, and features accurate and easy-to-read colourful mapping presented in an accessible visual layout based on research into how young children use maps. It encourages children to learn about their world and develop atlas and map skills.A simple introduction to Planet Earth and places around the world Clear and colourful maps of the world and all the continents Clear and colourful thematic maps showing coasts, rivers, mountains, the..
Oxford International Primary Atlas x 3
Showing the marvels of our planet through vibrant maps, facts and photos, this jewel of an atlas puts the whole world in your hands. Explore continents, countries, landscapes and settlements – and discover all the geography facts you’ll ever need for school! This high-quality, fact-filled Primary Atlas is brimming with clear and accurate maps, bright artwork, colourful photos and exciting graphics, plus the flags of the world. Bring geography into your home with Oxford – a name you can trust. ..