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 BEK Teachers Book
The Teacher's Book gives enough background to help non specialists deliver successful activities at KS 1, 2 and 3. ..
6 Assorted Push/Pull Spring Balances
High quality tubular spring balances which are colour coded and scaled in both newtons and grams. The stainless steel spring mechanism is clearly visible and zero adjustment is incorporated. • Pack of 6 • 250g/2.5N Blue, 500g/5N Green, 1kg/10N Beige, 2kg/20N Red, 3kg/30N White, 5kg/50N YellowThe Push/Pull Spring Balance has been re-thought to give a reading when the force is being pulled AND pushed. Above the spring tube a push rod sticks out of the top of the device so that a force can be measured when it is pushed. A superb invention with numerous uses in mathematics, technology and s..
Magnetism Kit
A comprehensive selection of magnets and materials packed in a robust storage case. Includes alnico bars, alnico button magnets, round and square alcomax bars, ferrite blocks and rings, chrome steel horseshoe magnet, alnico horseshoe magnet, iron filings bubble, pair of plastic cased bar magnets, coloured squares of magnetic rubber, chrome steel bars, a metal disc set and plotting compasses. • Contains 42 pieces ..
Physics A-Level Poster Set
High quality A1 poster set ideal for class room walls. The set contains the following posters: SI Quantities & Units; Waves; The Electromagnetic Spectrum; The Photoelectric Effect; The Gas Laws; Capacitors. • Set of 6 x A1 poster ..
Seismograph Model
Newly revised Seismograph Model gives students a better understanding of how earthquakes are measured and calculated to intensity. This small table top unit will captivate your students as they try to top the Richter Scale. Simulate your own earthquakes and the Seismograph will accurately record their intensity. Complete with a detailed Teacher''s Guide. ..