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 30 Textured Building Blocks
This building block set takes the traditional blocks one step further as they develop and enhance children's tactile skills. This assorted blocks set includes a variety of different color and texture blocks. Edushape Textured Blocks are ideal for construction play as well as stenciling and other art projects. Durable, washable, and colorful. These Textured Blocks are colorful, foam building blocks. Light and fun blocks, these soft foam blocks will help children to explore the geometric world. These 30 extra-durable, foam building blocks are ideal for quiet play. Bright colorful shapes a..
 Linkages and Levers Class Kit
This 20 model kit is an ideal introduction to these fundamental mechanisms for the whole class. Snapping jaws, spooky ghosts and waving flags and many more models show linkages and levers in action in an entertaining and memorable way. ..
 Tech Machines Set
An ideal introduction to science and technology, the set includes four screwdrivers and integrated screws, as well as lots of versatile elements such as reels, hooks and scoops. Tech Machines is designed to develop fine motor skills and for exploring machines and engineering skills. The two inbox activity starter cards and teacher booklet that are included help to show how the set can also be used for exploring idea communication and listening skills, and for discussing social roles and responsibilities. Key Learning Values • Exploring technology and design through emerging engineerin..
10 Junior Hacksaws
With strong, pistol-grip-type plastic handle. Junior Hacksaws are ideal for cutting wood which has a small cross section, such as 8 mm and 10 mm pine.  Hold the hacksaw with the index finger pointing in the direction you are cutting, this will help you to keep your hand steady and stop the blade sticking in the groove of the wood.  This sometimes happens due to twisting movements. Always ensure children secure the wood before cutting using a Bench Hook  or Wilson Block .   ..
2 G-Clamps
75mm between the jaws to clamp bench hooks to tables for added stability, or to hold work steady. Also useful on other projects for temporary clamping whilst glue dries. ..
300 Pc Octoplay Set
Octoplay is a simple interlocking construction system based on an 8 sided shape which encourages creative play, providing an exciting starting point for learning about shapes, relationships through patterns and problem solving skills for young children and children with special needs. This bumper set of 300 is superb for group play, with the learner set and work cards included free.  For ages 3yrs+ ..
Ball Maze
This exciting ball maze offers endless opportunities for free construction and child-led learning. Children construct the ball maze in any configuration they choose, then add the balls and watch them travel through the transparent maze. Set includes 35 maze pieces in assorted shapes, 160 connectors, 6 balls and a storage container. Very easy for children to assemble. 202 pieces, for ages 3yrs+. ..
Clock Building Class Kit
 Contains everything needed for 10 children to build their very own clock • Kit includes 10 clock mechanisms, 5 square and 5 round clock faces and the "Build A Clock Ideas Book" ..
Controllable Vehicles Kit
This unit gives children an opportunity to use their knowledge of electric circuits and switches to produce a motorised vehicle, which has been geared down (slowed) by use of a simple pulley system. Suitable for children in years 5-6, children will have to experiment with different pulley systems in order to control the speed of their car. They can build their vehicle chassis and cladding and test that it is fit for purpose. With appropriate cladding the vehicle can become anything from a carnival float to a moon buggy. Contents: 40 x AA batteries ..
Electronics Kit
The Primary2 kit is designed to teach children from 8 years the basic principles of electrics and electronics in a fun way. The Primary kit is suitable for use in the classroom. It covers the requirements of the Science National Curriculum at Key Stages 1 & 2 with links to Design and Technology and adds many extra exciting experiments for good measure! All the parts fit together with press-studs on a baseboard. Very little skill is required to assemble the components so making the kit suitable for all abilities. All the parts fit together with press-studs on a baseboard. Very little ski..
Glue Gun
We have been asked to offer a quality glue gun.  This gives a much better 'stick' than the pupils Low Melt Glue Gun. The operating temperature is 190 degrees so is for Teachers use only. ..
K'Nex Discover Control Pack
K'Nex is a user friendly building and learning system which is used successfully to enhance the learning of basic Maths, Science and Design & Technology. It demonstrates various concepts relating to forces and energy, simple mechanisms and elements of Maths and Physics. K'Nex is a true construction kit - the parts are colour coded to help identification and the system encourages spatial thinking. K'Nex uses a range of rods, connectors and accessory parts which can be connected in various planes and at different angles. Models will stay together in use but can still be disassembled easil..