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 Class Pack Place Value Magic Ruler
Designed by teachers, this pack consists of one large teacher Place Value Magic Ruler and ten small dry wipe pupil versions. The teacher version includes removable place value tabs: units, tens, hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands, millions, tenths, hundredths, thousandths, hundred thousandths and millions to enable the subject to be taught step by step. Also supplied is one removable decimal point, two commas and seven of each number tab 0-9. For easy storage the tabs are provided in a plastic container. There are optional legs (to stand on a desk) a magnetic strip on the reverse for at..
 Problems Solving Numeracy Books - School Pack
7 activity books full of photocopiable worksheets that focus on the 'problem solving' strand of the numeracy framework. Tailored to the requirements of each year group. 64 pages per book. ..
130 Magnetic Number Tiles
A set of 130 magnetic number tiles printed with numbers 1 to 12 and mathematical symbols. Great for individual or small group work. Tile size: 3.5.x 3.5 cm. ..
Beads Sequencing Kit
Simply build your tower and copy the picture on the double sided cards, following the pattern with the coloured beads. Excellent for learning about patterns and sequences as well as developing early number skills such as counting. For additional play value a lace is included for threading activities that will improve hand/eye co-ordination. Age: 3 years+. ..
Bug Counters
Set of realistically shaped bug counters. Great for counting and sorting fun. Age: 3 years+. • 12 shapes, 6 colours • Supplied in a PET jar ..
Class Pack Primary Timers
A bumper pack of 36 timers which can be hand held, displayed on a desk or worn around your neck. Each timer requires 1 x 1.5v battery, included. ..
Classpack Peg Boards
Bumper value class pack of 30 peg boards and 6000 coloured pegs. Ideal for pattern, symmetry, sorting and sequencing work. Each board consists of a 10 x 10 hole grid and is size: 16cm2. Suitable for KS1 upwards. Includes activity guide. ..
Classworks - Numeracy Reception Year
Excellent preparation tools for trainee teachers going into primary schools for their initial teacher training. Highly flexible resources allow you to build the lessons you want, letting you simplify your work load without breaking the bank! A range of adaptive ideas for planning and teaching each unit of work. Resource pages ensure you have the material you need to achieve the outcomes set out at the beginning of each unit. Simple text design with clear headings and outcomes and loads of structured photocopiables. ..
Classworks - Numeracy Year 1 x 3
This work includes bulleted text, clear headings and outcomes, and loads of structured photocopiables. Everything is covered on one page. It includes blocked units. It is in line with new QCA advice. ..
Combined Rocker Scales
This NEW Combined Rocker Scale has been designed to enable the Teacher and/or Pupil to use either 1/2 Litre or 1 Litre clear containers all of which have 100ml graduated scales for liquid measurement and beveled lids for platform weighing.  he scales are fitted with a spirit level for total accuracy.  Also included are 60 clearly marked stackable weights (1g x 20, 5g x 20 and 10g x 20).  To complete the kit there is a CD-ROM product guide.  Cotton Reels are not included. ..
Developing Numeracy Using and Applying Maths - Reception to Year 6 :School Pack
7 activity books full of photocopiable worksheets that focus on the 'Using and Applying' strand of the Numeracy Framework. Tailored to the requirement of each year group ..
Early Years Mathematics Concepts - 3 pack
This pack is designed to assist teachers in assessing and recording individual mastery of mathematical concepts that have been taught in the classroom, this series presents a comprehensive approach to assessing mathematical progress in the early years. Features: excellent ready made assessment package covers the main areas of primary maths objectives are clearly listed at the front of each book combines teacher and pupil assessment 45 photocopiable activity sheets per book includes clear assessment objectives teacher notes and pupil record hee..