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MicroChem Titration Kit
The MicroChem Titration kit is designed for accurate and efficient titrations in secondary school experiments: Accuracy up to 2 decimal points; results compare very well with traditional Class B glassware; reproducibility coefficients of 0.98 achieved. Useful for many common experiments including: The standardisation of hydrochloric acid using sodium carbonate, The standardisation of sodium hydroxide using standard hydrochloric acid, Calcium and magnesium ion concentration - a conductometric titration. • Durable and easy to maintain  • Self-contained kit   ..
Teachers Molecular Model Kit - Inorganic/Organic
This system is designed for teaching concepts related to molecular structure. Using high quality plastic moulded spheres and connectors a wide variety of atomic structures can be learned. Designed to make a wide range of open type models, such as inorganic acids, amines, metal oxides and simple organic structures. Kit contains: • Spheres - 16 Metal • 8 halogen • 24 oxygen • 14 sulphur • 11 nitrogen • 6 carbon • 7 phosphorus and 16 hydrogen • 55 medium links  • 39 long flexible links ..
Traffic Light Reaction Demo Lab
Vivid demonstration of oxidation-reduction reactions. You'll amaze your class with the alluring 'magic' of chemistry. A flask containing pale yellow liquid is gently swirled until the solution turns red. Then the flask is shaken and the solution turns green. Explains the roles of oxidation and reduction behind this astonishing change. ..