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 3D Circuit Board House
The 3D version of the circuit board house comprises of four rooms, each with doors and windows and an attic. Features include solar power and a ceiling fan. The unusual feature of solar panels allows the children to investigate alternative power sources. A buzzer is provided and can be used as a doorbell. The walls and roof of the house are easily removed to allow for fixing of electrical parts. The house comes complete with a selection of electrical resources.   ..
 Bacterial Growth Kit
This kit enables the growth curve of a bacterium to be recorded in as little as three hours. Because of the nature of the medium, aseptic precautions are not required for most stages of the experiment. This makes it an ideal practical for GCSE pupils. The organism can be grown in the Philip Harris fermenter, or in individual conical flasks. Enough for ten students or /Contentsbr /Cultures of Vibrio natriegens . Agar slopes . Powdered medium . Pipettes . Logarithmic graph paper . Instruction booklet . Students worksheet. ..
 BEK Teachers Book
The Teacher's Book gives enough background to help non specialists deliver successful activities at KS 1, 2 and 3. ..
 Foetal Development
This model, in five parts, shows fetal development from the unfertilized ovum to the 9th month of gestation. Mounted on a board showing the following stages ovulation, fertilization, zygote formation and uterine implantation. The fetus is also shown at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 9 months of development. Mounted size 530 x 380 x 50mm. Weight 2kg. ..
 Human Ear
A four part model showing the human ear enlarged approximately three times. It shows all the essential details of the ear. Mounted size 340 x 160 x 190mm. ..
 Human Respiratory System
A life size reproduction of the complete human respiratory system. Comprising seven parts showing the larynx (sagittal section), the lungs (dissected along the frontal plane) and a 2-part heart. Mounted size 260 x 400 x 120mm. Weight 1.3kg ..
 Human Torso
This is a full-size model finished to a very high standard. The posterior part of the model is open revealing details of the vertebral column and nervous system. FRONT. Interchangeable male and female genital organs, with embryo in third month of pregnancy. The following parts can be taken out breast cover, two lung halves, heart (two parts), stomach (two parts), liver, large intestine with small intestine and appendix vermicularis (four parts), half kidney, female genital organs (two parts), embryo, male genital organs (four parts). BACK. Open part of back from cerebellum to coccyx, wi..
 Liver Section With Gall Bladder
The model, 1.5x life size, shows the liver and gallbladder in open section with the complex network of vessels and bile ducts in different colors for clarity and ease of examination. Mounted with stand. Size 280 x 270 x 140mm. Weight 880g. ..
 Muscles Of The Human Leg, 13 Parts
This 13-part model shows, in great detail, the anatomical structure of the leg, complete with superficial and deeper muscles, vascular structures, nerves and ligaments.  The following parts are removable:  - Sartorius  - Long head of biceps  - Gluteus maximus  - Soleus  - Gastrocnemius  - Gluteus medius  - Gracilis  - Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus  - Rectus femoris  - Extensor digitorum longus  - Sole of foot  - Tensor fasciae latae Mounted on base with stand.  Size:110x19x14,5 cm ..
 New AQA Science GCSE Biology x 5
The student books have been written by experienced teachers and subject experts specifically for the latest AQA GCSE Science specifications. They provide differentiated content to support, stretch and challenge all abilities. How Science Works is integrated throughout the books with additional online activities offering comprehensive guidance and support. Maths Skills activities in the books and online help develop their understanding of the subject. Practice questions and study tips help prepare students for their exams. Controlled Assessment sections in the student books as well as online..
 Tech Machines Set
An ideal introduction to science and technology, the set includes four screwdrivers and integrated screws, as well as lots of versatile elements such as reels, hooks and scoops. Tech Machines is designed to develop fine motor skills and for exploring machines and engineering skills. The two inbox activity starter cards and teacher booklet that are included help to show how the set can also be used for exploring idea communication and listening skills, and for discussing social roles and responsibilities. Key Learning Values • Exploring technology and design through emerging engineerin..