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 USB Webcam
An affordable USB webcam with snapshot capability.  Key features include: Highest Video Resolution: 1600 x 1200 at 15 frames per second (Software Enhanced); 640 x 480 at 30 frames per second Still Image Capture: True 640 x 480; Up to 3200 x 2400 pixels (Software Enhanced) Windows 7 compatible Support instant messenger such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo etc. Built-in Microphone Adjustable USB connection ..
6 Assorted Push/Pull Spring Balances
High quality tubular spring balances which are colour coded and scaled in both newtons and grams. The stainless steel spring mechanism is clearly visible and zero adjustment is incorporated. • Pack of 6 • 250g/2.5N Blue, 500g/5N Green, 1kg/10N Beige, 2kg/20N Red, 3kg/30N White, 5kg/50N YellowThe Push/Pull Spring Balance has been re-thought to give a reading when the force is being pulled AND pushed. Above the spring tube a push rod sticks out of the top of the device so that a force can be measured when it is pushed. A superb invention with numerous uses in mathematics, technology and s..
Bee-Bot Starter Pack
All the Bee-Bot kit you need to get your class going! Pack includes: 6 x rechargable Bee-Bots 1 x docking station 1 x busy street map 1 x money mat 1 x  transparent grid map 1 x Long  transparent bid map   ..
Ceiling Magnets
Turn your ceiling into a creative display area using our innovative magnets. Designed to clamp to metal strips in suspended ceilings, the set includes: 20 x 6 mm closed loop magnets and 10 x 30 cm hooks. Use magnets and hooks in different configurations depending on you display requirements ie. singly to create one drop or use 2 magnets and one hook to create a 'bar'. Dot the 'bars' around the ceiling and string together making a large area to hang exciting displays. Maximum load per pair of magnets is 1 kg. ..
Delonghi Microwave Toy
A realistic, scaled down microwave that makes use of control and switches. Features include a rotating turntable, an array of cooking sounds and flashing LEDs, as well as a selection of imitation food. Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included). Size: H17 x W30 x D18cm. For ages 3yrs+. ..
Early Skills ICT Toys
We've taken advice from practitioners on what's needed to meet the very early stages for ICT. This kit contains: 2 x baby mobile phones musical lights turtle car alarm keys All these items are made of strong brightly coloured plastic and have a wide selection of tunes, some light up, all encourage manipulation, and are full of stimulus response opportunities. Requires 5 x AAA & 4 x AA batteries.  Contents may vary. From 3mths+ ..
FlowGo Control Box
FlowGo is a control interface, which operates with Go Software to control small 6V components in real models so that learners gain an insight into systems and how they are created and controlled. FlowGo is special because a program can be downloaded to its memory so that FlowGo can run the program completely independently, whilst disconnected from the computer. FlowGo connects to the computer by USB (USB supplied). • All Inputs/Outputs 4mm sockets 6 Outputs for 6v bulbs, buzzers, LEDs etc • 2 Motor Outputs – to run motors forwards and backwards and at varying speeds • 4 Inputs for..
Go Software Site Licence
Go Control is a flowchart style software where users can control virtual environments and bring models to life. This flowchart style program offers virtual control using animated control environments and real control using FlowGo to bring children's displays and models to life. In addition, Go Control shows a text explanation of the flowchart program to help understanding. Software includes: 12 animated control environments 6 Town scenarios using traffic systems, Fairground, Lighthouse, Car Alarm, Bee, Traffic Lights, Washing Machine Animated ..
Hue HD USB camera
The HUE USB camera is a cost-effective alternative to a standard classroom document camera/visualiser. Easy to use and portable The camera is 'plug and play' on Windows PCs and Macs (see System Requirements) and compatible with most video conferencing, streaming and web-casting software Unique, innovatively designed USB camera with a built-in microphone. Widely used as a portable classroom document camera / visualiser in conjunction with a whiteboard. Perfect for creating animated films, live videos or time-lapse recordings to post on YouTube, and for video ..
K'Nex Computer Control
Dynamic STEM set challenges students to build and control K'Nex models using the K'Nex Computer Control interface. Students write programs to control on-screen K'Nex models using the software included, then download into the interface's memory and use to operate student built K'Nex models. Build 5 K'Nex models, one at a time. Models are fully functioning replicas of real-world machines and include a Sliding Door, Elevator, Bascule Bridge, Oscillating Fan and Super Spinner Ride. Key Concepts include Design Process/Engineering Design Process; Systems and Organisation; Communication of Mathema..
Laptop locker
Made from sturdy steel this excellent value laptop storage locker is the perfect solution. Supplied fully built up and ready to use it can safely store up to 10 laptops. H 1780mm  x  L 525mm  x  W 380mm ..
LEGO® Education WeDo
A fantastic cross-curricular tool. It enables students to learn, construct and then bring their models to life using the drag and drop software. Ideal for teaching control at primary levels. This set contains 5 x LEGO® WeDo™ Construction Kits, 1 x WeDo™ Software Licence & 1 x  WeDo™ Activity notes and is aimed at delivering LEGO® WeDo™ lessons to a group of 10-15 children. For ages 7yrs+.   ..