Early Years/Pre School

Our nursery and early years resources aim to meet the individual requirements of children in these formative years of their lives.

From cots to educational resources...... our resources stimulate, they learn social skills during play. Preschool toys help with their muscle development and body balance; the games help children with hand eye coordination. Likewise, and make learning a crucial skills fun.

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	 Triple Mirror Block
A new and unique folding soft play mirror block. Made from a tough wipe clean fire retardant fabric with a CFC free foam filling. Safety mirrors make this an ideal way for young children to investigate reflections. Colours may vary. ..
 123 flash cards
This bumper flashcard pack is perfect for familiarising young children with first numbers. Each of the double-sided cards have different objects or patterns of dots to count, plus the numerals and written number words from 0 to 20. ..
 144 Mini Kids First Markers by Crayola
First Markers have been especially developed for children of 1+. First Markers have been especially developed for children of 1+. The nib has been designed to achieve bold strokes of colour at every angle and is safely secured to stop small hands trying to remove it. The ink rinses off skin and clothes. 144 pk, suitable for 1+ yrs. ..
 20 Assorted Ready mix colours - 600ml,
One of the most widely used paints in primary schools Uses only natural thickeners Wheat and gluten-free Especially formulated to wash off children's skin and fabrics Water-soluble - use straight from the bottle or dilute with water Dries to a matt finish 20 assorted colours in squeezy, re-sealable 600ml bottles ..
 3-Piece Character Tumbler, Bowl and Plate Set
Handy matching set  Made of polypropylene Children will love eating with their favourite  characters!     ..
 30 Textured Building Blocks
This building block set takes the traditional blocks one step further as they develop and enhance children's tactile skills. This assorted blocks set includes a variety of different color and texture blocks. Edushape Textured Blocks are ideal for construction play as well as stenciling and other art projects. Durable, washable, and colorful. These Textured Blocks are colorful, foam building blocks. Light and fun blocks, these soft foam blocks will help children to explore the geometric world. These 30 extra-durable, foam building blocks are ideal for quiet play. Bright colorful shapes a..
 300 Broad Tip Colouring Pens
Broad tip pens are ideal when creating large areas of colour . The added benefit of a conical nib on the broad tip pen also enables young artists to experiment with drawing finer lines and mark making. Features include: 6 DAY cap-off time to prevent ink drying out and washable, waterbased ink. 300 packs supplied in 12 right assorted colours in a handy classroom display box. ..
 42 Broad Berol Colour Tub
Ideal for young artists these long lasting fibre tipped pens are supplied in 12 vibrant colours. Designed with a broad nib they are particularly suitable for colouring large areas, large drawing, writing and mark making activities. Have fun and experiment with the ink by washing over with a damp brush to create different blends of colour and wash effects...brilliant for Under the Sea, Seaside, Sky and Landscape pictures! If the caps are accidentally left of don't panic as the tips have been designed not dry out for 14 days. Washable ink. Line width 1.7mm ..
 ABC Cookies
Dipping your hand into the cookie jar becomes a learning experience with this adorable set! Colourful game cards are picture-based, so no reading is required. Activity Guide, double-sided game cards, spinner, cookies and large storage jar are included this set. For 2-4 players. Help children learn the alphabet and early vocabulary with these 42 lowercase alphabet cookies and 45 game cards. Four game play options allow for endless learning fun! ..
 ABC flash cards
This Early Learning bumper flashcard pack is perfect for familiarising young children with the alphabet. The first 26 double-sided cards help to teach both the big and little letter shapes, while the next 26 cards introduce the phonic letter sounds - 'a' as in apple and 'b' as in bird. ..
 Alphabet Bingo
  Encourages children to develop letter recognition Spin the pointer and call out the letter, the first player to get a full house wins the game A great way to reinforce what they've learned in school Game includes four game boards, spinners and 36 markers Suitable for children aged three and over ..
 Animal Stamp Set
The animal Stamp Set is great for adding lots of detail to your pictures and drawings. Included in this wonderful set are 16 wooden stamps featuring animals from the jungle, farm and ocean plus a set of 7 coloured pencils and an ink-pad allowing little animal lovers to create endless colourful creations.  When playtime is over, the animal stamp set can be stored neatly away in the sturdy wooden box. Quick Facts: - Set includes 16 animal themed stamps, coloured pencils and an ink pad - Ink is child-friendly and washable. - Stores away neatly in the wooden storage box ..