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We offer a variety of teaching resources to support teachers.  Our resources  provide teachers with a wealth of ideas to engage and capture children's and pupils  attention and imagination.  We have items needed to keep classes entertained and informed - from languages to science by way of literacy and mathematics, 

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 123 flash cards
This bumper flashcard pack is perfect for familiarising young children with first numbers. Each of the double-sided cards have different objects or patterns of dots to count, plus the numerals and written number words from 0 to 20. ..
 30 Textured Building Blocks
This building block set takes the traditional blocks one step further as they develop and enhance children's tactile skills. This assorted blocks set includes a variety of different color and texture blocks. Edushape Textured Blocks are ideal for construction play as well as stenciling and other art projects. Durable, washable, and colorful. These Textured Blocks are colorful, foam building blocks. Light and fun blocks, these soft foam blocks will help children to explore the geometric world. These 30 extra-durable, foam building blocks are ideal for quiet play. Bright colorful shapes a..
 3D Circuit Board House
The 3D version of the circuit board house comprises of four rooms, each with doors and windows and an attic. Features include solar power and a ceiling fan. The unusual feature of solar panels allows the children to investigate alternative power sources. A buzzer is provided and can be used as a doorbell. The walls and roof of the house are easily removed to allow for fixing of electrical parts. The house comes complete with a selection of electrical resources.   ..
 42 Broad Berol Colour Tub
Ideal for young artists these long lasting fibre tipped pens are supplied in 12 vibrant colours. Designed with a broad nib they are particularly suitable for colouring large areas, large drawing, writing and mark making activities. Have fun and experiment with the ink by washing over with a damp brush to create different blends of colour and wash effects...brilliant for Under the Sea, Seaside, Sky and Landscape pictures! If the caps are accidentally left of don't panic as the tips have been designed not dry out for 14 days. Washable ink. Line width 1.7mm ..
 A4 Soft Cover Display Books
Display books with soft polypropylene cover and clear pockets - 10 pockets • Suitable for storing photocopies  • Available in a range of colours  • A4 • Sold in packs of 12 ..
 ABC flash cards
This Early Learning bumper flashcard pack is perfect for familiarising young children with the alphabet. The first 26 double-sided cards help to teach both the big and little letter shapes, while the next 26 cards introduce the phonic letter sounds - 'a' as in apple and 'b' as in bird. ..
 Bacterial Growth Kit
This kit enables the growth curve of a bacterium to be recorded in as little as three hours. Because of the nature of the medium, aseptic precautions are not required for most stages of the experiment. This makes it an ideal practical for GCSE pupils. The organism can be grown in the Philip Harris fermenter, or in individual conical flasks. Enough for ten students or /Contentsbr /Cultures of Vibrio natriegens . Agar slopes . Powdered medium . Pipettes . Logarithmic graph paper . Instruction booklet . Students worksheet. ..
 BEK Teachers Book
The Teacher's Book gives enough background to help non specialists deliver successful activities at KS 1, 2 and 3. ..
 Class Pack Place Value Magic Ruler
Designed by teachers, this pack consists of one large teacher Place Value Magic Ruler and ten small dry wipe pupil versions. The teacher version includes removable place value tabs: units, tens, hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands, millions, tenths, hundredths, thousandths, hundred thousandths and millions to enable the subject to be taught step by step. Also supplied is one removable decimal point, two commas and seven of each number tab 0-9. For easy storage the tabs are provided in a plastic container. There are optional legs (to stand on a desk) a magnetic strip on the reverse for at..
 Foetal Development
This model, in five parts, shows fetal development from the unfertilized ovum to the 9th month of gestation. Mounted on a board showing the following stages ovulation, fertilization, zygote formation and uterine implantation. The fetus is also shown at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 9 months of development. Mounted size 530 x 380 x 50mm. Weight 2kg. ..
 Grammar and Punctuation Complete Pack
This pack contains one copy of each book from the Grammar and Punctuation strand of the series, spanning Years 1 to 6 (five books in total). Each book also includes an interactive CD-ROM. A complete resource to teach children key grammar and punctuation skills. The only resource you need to teach grammar and punctuation – a huge range of activities and posters. Have confidence in your teaching with detailed background knowledge and teachers’ notes. A writing section in each chapter helps turn theory into practice. Includes further activit..